Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 3: Black Magic (Language: English)!

The Kingdom is bewitched by the magic of the night, in 7 unique animated scenes of villains and night creatures, with 20+ characters. Breast sex, futanari, bukkake, and more, in over 25 original animated sexual positions, 80+ camera angles, and 200+ CGs. GalaxyPink animations are always original, and full of variety, so you are guaranteed to find something you will love. Please try the Free Trial version (contains one full animated scene), and you will come back for more. New in Volume 3: *All NEW voice recordings with Japanese voice actresses – Nanase Watarai, Himari, and Sayaka Keina *Major improvements in art quality, lighting, special effects, and programming *Bigger scenes, with more animations, more visual story, and 200+ CG images *Beautifully animated scenes that are more original and unique than ever: -Falling angels having sex in mid-air -Sex with a transparent ghost -Using medieval dungeon equipment -Large, complex group scenes you won’t see anywhere else! *This is GalaxyPink’s best work so far! – A black cat takes human form to seduce a villager. – An adventuress is captured by dark elves. – A man meets the ghost of his lost love. – A sorceress creates a monster to be her sex toy. – An Angel of Light is confronted by an Angel of Darkness. – Suspected witches are punished by the Magistrate. – Vampires trap beautiful vampire hunters in their lair. *Featured in the FREE Trial version* Welcome back to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies! ===== Exclusive interview with GalaxyPink!! ===== GalaxyPink’s interview is available on: =========================================



Genre:Witch,Bukkake,Restraint,Pervert,Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:Jun/27/2008