Stone Sorceress!

This product contains both Japanese and English versions. English Version – English subtitle / Voice: Japanese Bothered, Bewitched, and Be-Demoned – Episode 1 & 2 When a horny demon ravages the women of the countryside, Sara Slane — the Stone Sorceress — and her golem lover Stoney must use their unique brand of sex magic to hunt the demon down and vanquish it. This special feature, double-episode introduces our nymphomaniac heroine, Sara, her rock-hard companion, Stoney, and the always sizzling Land of Lustoria. Jump aboard now, and hang on for the sex-charged ride of your life! FEATURES: – 3D animation 20:00 minutes – PC resolution: 1280×720 HD AVI – Mobile device: 640×360 MP4 – Bonus animations and pictures – VLC media player recommended! WEB & BONUS: username: dlsite password: vip007 Thanx for checking out Stone Sorceress :]



Genre:Anime,Serial Product,Fantasy,Lesbian

Release date:Jul/18/2014