Suima Episode II - Awakening!

The long awaited SEQUEL to the popular series has finally arrived with 1 HOUR and 40 MINUTES full of content! Story: Amid the city of desires, the forces of dark make their move. Darkness comes together, to entrap a single girl into its vice… The heroine, Yuzuki Himeno bears great anguish within her mind. In her search for help, she receives treatment from Professor Shinozaki, an authority of hypnotherapy. His treatment supposedly helps the patient overcome their troubles in their sleep. But instead, his treatments were only a prelude to the nightmarish traps which lay ahead… Details: – Over 1 hour and 40 minutes of full dict110ai 3D animation movie! – Enjoy the folly of a deranged heroine reshaped by obscene pleasures. – Copious surges of acme & ejaculation scenes! – Brainwashed violation in her sleep, paizuri, nipple friction, double vibrators, anal, creampies in 2 holes, c*ck-cleaning fellatio… a rich variety of porn. – Erotic flows of creampier, gooier sweats, juices and spermy fluids. – Synchronized movie + female voice acting, raunchy sound effects. – Story scenes are written in detail, enlivening the steamy sex scenes even more!

Circle:Double Soft Cream


Genre:Lots of White Cream/Juices,Onesan/Older Girl/Older Sister,Breast Sex,Sexual Training,Hypnosis,Brunet Hair

Release date:Apr/03/2015