SUPERMILK part II final - The Capturing!

After attacked by different kind of monsters, SUPERMILK still failed to find Dr. Mad Cow. When she planned to go out from her home to protect her husband, she was stalked & attacked by Dr. Mad Cow Underlings … They injected high dose of aphrosidiac that make SUPERMILK very very horny & can’t stop lactating … She was brought into a dark place, possibly warehouse. There, they put a special kind of suit on her that will keep producing aphrosidiac. This almost made her can’t move at all … And in that warehouse, she will meet her arch villain … Dr. Mad Cow ! Can she control herself from pleasure and fight Dr. Mad Cow ? * Now also included in page dialoques or text version. * Alternate colour : OrangePie version * Alternate endings : Good Ending & Bad Ending !

Circle:Milk Cow Factory



Release date:Sep/09/2011