Story and Art by: Amusteven Princess Tanya lived the saddest nightmare, she lost the war against the powerful Succubus. Following her fall, Tanya has been raped, her trusty protector been defeated and the Futanari Succubus is planning to use her as a sex puppet for the next decade. When the poor Princess finally accepts her fate as a royal slut, the sex hungry Demon makes things worst by bringing her protector back to life under her control for more immoral and perverted actions. Final installment in the: Tanya & The Succubus trilogy created by Amusteven X where a sexy Demonic entity chases a kindhearted, beautiful Princess. Product Title: Tanya & the Succubus 3 File format: jpg 90 high-quality Standard images


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai 3DCG

Genre:Blowjob,Anal,Big Breasts,Futanari/Dick girl,Large Cock

Release date:Apr/12/2017