Tortured by little sister!

The girl who squished that tiny soldier at school is considered a true heroine in her school for saving everybody that day, but her brother is so annoying and always teases her. When they were in the elevator, she had an idea to put inside of his drink something to shrink him. Her plan was successful and her brother shrunk! Now she will do whatever she wants with her brother and he can’t do anything to stop. I think he will enjoy to be used as a sex toy, to suck her boobs like a baby, lick her belly button, armpit and maybe he will enjoy to smell her farts too. She is the younger sister, but she will be really cruel with her older brother, little girls can be evil too, mainly when their older brothers are annoying.

Circle:Giantess Fetish

Categories:Software,Anime / Loli Anime

Genre:Loli,Younger Sister,Student,Breast Sex,Torture

Release date:Jun/08/2017