Trans Princess Super Virgin!

Yousuke is the boyfriend and sidekick of Super Virgin, a crime-fighting justice heroine. They can never go all the way, because Super Virgin’s powers are derived from her virginity! Evil Leticia springs a trap that causes Yousuke to swap bodies with his girlfriend. Can the innocent lovers get out of this pinch with Virgin’s innocence intact!? Trans Princess Super Virgin is a tongue-in-cheek ero comedy debuted on Okashi Blog, a site that’s popular in Japan for transgender comics. This downloadable collector’s edition includes the full comic + 5 page bonus comic Yandere Mistress and the Feminizing Elixir. Please enjoy the story, and if you like it leave a review, so we can decide if we’ll translate more comics into English.

Circle:Amulai Sweet Factory

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Angel/Demon,Transforming Girl,Feminized,Transsexual,Tentacle

Release date:Apr/18/2014