Violated Voices!

Welcome to the Torture Rooms. There are nine rooms here in all, with one slave kept per room. Enjoy the voices of nine slaves-to your heart’s content. Opening: A Tour of the Torture Rooms Room 1: The Suspended Slave Room 2: The Slave Confined inside a Cramped Coffin Room 3: The Broken Slave Forced to Cum Nonstop Room 4: The Slave Who Sobs Uncontrollably, Violated for Hours on End Room 5: The Slave Who Can’t Stop Masturbating Room 6: The Slave Who Is Gagged and Can’t Cry Out Room 7: The Slave Broken with Fear Room 8: The Slave Locked in a Cruel Predicament Room 9: The Broken Slave # Bundled data readme.txt readme.mp3 1:23 opening.mp3 5:22 room01.mp3 5:28 room02.mp3 5:55 room03.mp3 5:17 room04.mp3 5:42 room05.mp3 5:18 room06.mp3 5:03 room07.mp3 5:09 room08.mp3 5:22 room09.mp3 10:55 images # Production Voices: Jailer : Suzu / Slave : Natyu Aizawa Illustrations: Harune Translation: the-asylum Circle: Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise

Circle:Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise



Release date:Dec/24/2013