YURAGI-san (the boy became a female slave) English version!

YURAGI-san(the boy became a female slave) A picture tale (jpeg+html) and the collection of jpeg data This software is an English-language edition. The poor vocabulary of my English made the sentence the strange English sentence. In a strange English sentence, I am sorry. This picture tale is a fiction and is not related to a real person and an organization. ============== A girl with a mysterious charm YURAGI-san, Her junior’s boy is charmed by her. One day, the boy who looked at her sexual organs in school is invited by her. I fulfill your wish. The wish of a boy was that all are dominated by the woman. However, the wish was a wish which it must not fulfill. A boy’s mind and the body are slavetrained by YURAGI -san. And the Body Modification of the boy was carried out to her, he was castrated, and became a female slave.. ===When a boy is a man=== (Face Sitting)(Anal Sex)(Pressure to a Testis)(boy is made to wear a string bikini)(Exposure as Public Humiliation)(Testis Crushing)(The Body Modification for the Forced Feminization) ===When a boy is a woman=== (Vibrator Torture)(Lesbian Sex)(Exposure as Public Humiliation)(sex with a male) 20 CG images.

Circle:Moon Revenge

Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Feminized,SM,Sexual Training,Outdoor Exposure,Slave,Anal

Release date:Oct/31/2008