Sci-Fi Sex Toys (by Emperpep and HentaiWriter)!

CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection / Novel Included Software

Sci-Fi Sex Toys (by Emperpep and HentaiWriter)!

SEX DEVICES OF THE FUTURE! The year is 2100, and technology has ushered in an era of prosperity and health for humankind, with poverty and disease fully eliminated. Now that many of the world’s problems have been dealt with, humanity has turned its focus to other fields of study, namely… SEX! In this time period, one company has monopolized and dominated the sex device industry, creating innovations in a wide range of categories, all for the purpose of sexual pleasure and happiness. What you’ll be seeing in this product is a small assortment of women and men who have agreed to be featured in this company’s yearly catalogue, and in compensation they get their sexual devices for free! 2480×3507 image dimensions 5 CG base illustrations, 5-7 variations per illustration 31 variations with text 32 textless 63 total pictures


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection / Novel Included

Genre:Toy,SF,Bukkake,Tentacle,Ahegao/Gapeface,Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:Feb/06/2015



Bullet hell Digital Novel Game Shooter / Danmaku Shooting


Language selectable: English and Japanese Chaosrise is a danmaku (bullet-hell shoot ‘em up) videogame in which you take control of one of two female protagonists in their quest to unravel a mystery of unknown powers awakening uncontrollable lust among inhabitants of an extraordinary world in which the story takes place. Making their way through varying parts of their universe, spread throughout seven stages packed with action (and horny enemies), little by little they, too, succumb to the new conditions, blanking their minds – but filling their bodies with much more fun stuff… – 2 playable characters, each with their own unique firing pattern and magic power – 3 difficulty levels – 7 stages – 10 types of enemies with hundreds of unique behaviors and attack patterns – 11 epic bosses – 8 different stats to level – up and make your character stronger – Hi-score system – Available in English and Japanese – ‘Undressable’ character status bar, with the heroine losing her clothes as her HP depletes – 32 high-quality dict110ai CGs – Epic music by Machinae Supremacy

Circle:Multiworld Software

Categories:Game,Shooter / Danmaku, Shooting, Bullet hell, Digital Novel

Genre:SF,Fantasy,Hentai,Orgy Sex,Rape

Release date:Feb/03/2017


Practical Perfect Assist Type For Masturbation Super Adventure Game Hentai Boost 2007 DX (English version)!

Anime Software

Practical Perfect Assist Type For Masturbation Super Adventure Game Hentai Boost 2007 DX (English version)!

Total Time is Over 33 Minutes Long for Play and Full Animation and Full Voice ( female only ). Here is a Super Dynamic Adventure Software for Masturbation. We Do Hope You Will Try Our Demoware. The First-ever Exclusive Selling and Recommended Software in DLsite.com-Maniax. Full English Version. In this game, You will synchronize yourself with the actual world, your masturbation really saves the world. *Charity/Donation* Part of the proceeds (1%) from this software will be donated to NPO in Japan and be used for saving children in the world who bear the future from starvation and poverty. Also, Jupiter-inter-novels has been donating the proceeds(1%) from monthly proceeds to NPO since May 2007, been supported children who suffer from starvation and poverty around the world.



Genre:Girl,Maid,Sister,SF,Fantasy,Internal Cumshot

Release date:Nov/23/2007


Broken Doll 06 – Comfort Officers!

CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection Software

Broken Doll 06 - Comfort Officers!

Two high ranked female officers are stimulated and turned into obedient comfort dolls. Captain Tal & Vice Captain Murr didn’t know anything when they transferred to the new spaceship, G-Damn as the ship commanders. When they were sleeping, several men came in their room and captured them. When they woke up, they were already tied up to some kind of device. Their whole bodies were stimulated & modified into fu*k toys. The next day, they were ready to become the Comfort Officers which have duties to relieve the stress of the ship’s crew by comforting their dicks with every part of their bodies. CG Gallery + Story Mode Total : 37 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Mature Woman/Milf,SF,Coercion/Compulsion,Rape,Brainwashing

Release date:Jan/10/2015


Manifest #2!

Digital Comic / Superhero Software

Manifest #2!

Is there somewhere safe for Tessa to hide from Saturn and his army? With her memory partially restored, but still powerless, the top priority for our red-haired, curvaceous heroine is to find allies!


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Superhero


Release date:Jul/23/2015


Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-!

Adventure Game

Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-!

MIST[PSI]PRESS is very proud to present… Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition- The OFFICIAL English language edition of the world’s greatest pigeon dating sim. Find your true love at St. Pigeonation Academy. Yes. Full compatibility for Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.1-10.6 Mac OS X 10.7 or greater does not support PowerPC applications, so there is no way to run the game under that OS as of yet. Confirmed compatibility for Windows 7, Vista, with some possible bugs Please take time to play the free trial game to confirm with your system: https://clione.halfmoon.jp/hatoful-boyfriend/download.html




Release date:Feb/15/2012


Fantasy Chestnut Kid : Kanda Mori (Language: English)!

Doujinshi Manga

Fantasy Chestnut Kid : Kanda Mori (Language: English)!

Updated on 9th March 2011: This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle. Aiko loves her fairytale stories. One day she tried to bring lunch to her granny at the top of the mountain. But along the way, a mischievous goblin ate it! Every time she passed, the goblin ate it again. What will granny do without food? By the time she gets to the mountaintop, Granny has died. 18-Page Full-Color Fantasy Comic. Cartoonist : Kanda Mori Publishing : Hamster Books

Circle:Mori Kanda


Genre:Girl,Magical Girl,Specter,SF,Fantasy,Magic

Release date:Feb/15/2011


Alien Mind Control!

CG+Novel Software

Alien Mind Control!

Alien Mind Control is a collection of two graphic stories where odd alien creatures use their mind controlling powers to seize beautiful women and use them for reproduction and more. The first story is called Colonization, where a brain-like creature intention is to take over the planet by brainwashing women that seduce and control more women, including mothers and daughters. The second story is called Bedroom Pet, where a lively teenager likes to collect bugs, until she finds one that turns things around. Hope you enjoy them! The graphic story contains 224 images (1024 x 768 in size). The package includes an image gallery utility for easy navigation using your browser. Just unpack the zip file in any directory and open index.html




Release date:Feb/01/2010



Action Game


* PREMISE * 2048: the year we made contact; the year that humankind faced its greatest threat! When galactic invaders bring the full force of their military, Earthlings fights back with everything we’ve got!!!!! Arise, mankind! #$%& THOSE ALIENS! * SIDE SCROLLING ACTION * Fire power is life! Explosions are the spirit! Classic 2D action platforming! Wield over 14 weapon types! Operate 6 kinds of vehicles! There’s nothing dainty about a fight for survival! BLAST the $%&#ers!!!!! * RELIABLE NPCs * Sometimes you’re going to get overwhelmed. When you do, trust in the power of others! NPCs want to see you succeed: they will give you bullets, they will provide wisdom, they are strength in numbers! The NPCs are relying on you, too. If you see someone being r*ped by the enemy, you gotta help out!!! What!?!? You wanna WATCH? There’s a gallery for that, too! 😉 * FULLY LOADED GALLERY * Revisit every r*pe scene! See the delicious animations! Help an NPC just once and they’ll be saved for future viewing. There are over 30 animation varieties to enjoy!!! This feature gets more helpful the higher difficulty you choose. * 3 DIFFICULTY LEVELS * Easy (which is easy) Hard (which is a little bit less easy) Inferno (which is crazy balls) Complete the game on INFERNO and the entire gallery is unlocked in one go! Lucky for you, young padowan! * NOTES * Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. Refer to the circle’s blog for guides, bug list, questions. Updates of JPver on 3/22 is minor fixs. Problem has appeared in only JPver . ENver2.4 is no problem.

Circle:Acid Style


Genre:SF,Gangbang,Robot Sex,Nameless Sex,Interspecies Sex,Ponytail

Release date:Jan/15/2015


Border Battle 1 – Censored!

Digital Comic Software

Border Battle 1 - Censored!

Border Battle Chapter 1 Our planet’s heroine has yet another important mission. She is sent on an interplanetary expedition to uncover the mastermind behind the recent human abductions. What would she encounter on her way on finding out when her ship gets accidentally shot down? X Rated: Adult content and violence. Format: PDF


Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:SF,Restraint,Coercion/Compulsion,Big Breasts

Release date:Aug/04/2013