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Summary Nemophila A little rabbit angel who lives in a forest somewhere. This is an original model created with VRoid Studio. In addition to cluster, vrm models available in virtual cast, The edited data of VRoid that can be freely modified and dressed is enclosed. 2021/2/1 Added a unity package with Dynamic Bone pre-configured for VRChat. ◇ Product details “VRM file with facial expression adjusted and edited data” ・ Nemophila.vrm ・ Nemophila.vroid “Lightweight model with reduced materials and bones and edited data” ・ Nemophila [ultra-lightweight version] .vrm ・ Nemophila [ultra-lightweight version] .vroid “VRChat compatible DynamicBone pre-configured unity package” ・ Nemophila.unitypackage “PNG image file” ・ Various textures ・ Parameter adjustment example ◇ How to use unity package for VRChat 1. Install Unity 2018.4.20f1 2. Download and import VRCSDK2 https://www.vrchat.com/download/sdk2 3. Download and import UniVRM https://github.com/vrm-c/UniVRM/releases 4. Import DynamicBone (optional) 5. Import unity package 6. Upload to VRChat ◇ Terms of use (simplified version) ・ Commercial use → Possible ・ Modification → Possible ・ Redistribution and sale of models → Not possible ・ No credit notation required Click here for detailed version https://y-sak-rai.fanbox.cc/posts/1239132 If you have any other questions, please contact us below. Twitter: https://twitter.com/y_sak_rai Email: 39studio0001@gmail.com



Genre:3D Works,VTuber

Release date:02/15/2021