【script reveal】the girl i was stoking stoked me back and made me cum alot

■please■ 1 give a ☆5and a good review 2 Please spread the word on SNS。 then I’ll be able to make more games thank you for your support ■Cast introduction■ yandere lab twitter https://twitter.com/yandereLAB please follow voice actor https://twitter.com/ibaravoice support site https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/12159/plan 【script reveal】the girl i was stoking stoked me back and made me cum alot uge i’m so tierd my back hurts let’s go home oh…he came today too he’s so easy to find that make’s it cute abit I’ll surprise him at the corner boo good afternoon Mr stoker sorry i didn’t mean to scare you the fun still havent started Ah,you finally woke up. It’s already midnight. this is the first time we’ve talked properly. Mr. Stalker. Did you enjoy following me? How did you not get caught before when it were so obvious? don;t worry I’m not going to report you. Because I like you. I’d like to stalk you as will I am so happy that you think Im attractive. Whether it’s boobs or ass, I’ll show you in person, not just in pictures. But …… I can’t forgive cheating. ….. look You know what I’m talking about, the picture of you snooping up a high school girl’s skirt. here, I’m looking at a photo of a college student’s underwear hanging out to dry. This one is …… Oh, it’s the part where you’re touching a j○nior high school student’s ass on the train. Surprised? You were the one being stalked. So I know that you have desire to various girls. I had to put up with it but so you would love only me. I figured I had to teach your body a lesson. and that’s why I caught you let’s take off your pants. so this is your dick. Come on – smile I’ll ahve to keep A photo of the lower half of your body fully exposed in front of a girl. You don’t like it? It’s all what you did, right? your phone, you have a lot of pictures of girls on it, right? tell me the passcode so i can delete it Oh, if it’s my picture, it’s fine. No? for sure? Then I’ll have to force you to tell me Hmmm…what do you think I”ll do to you For example touch your dick like. …… poke poke. ……Hoo. haha your twitching with just this Plus, my dick is getting hard Are you a …… virgin? eels good when you do this, right? I’ll move it Slowly Here you go(sound of hand job) is it twitching….why? Why is this …… Kya! Isn’t it a little too fast? People like you, you call it premature ejaculation, right? Well, you’re a virgin… …… I guess you can’t be help it. Oh, what? you just came so what? Since you are a virgin you can cum many time right? I was weak earlier, but now I will go hard. Hmmm…I’m excited to see how many more time’s you can cum (sound of kissing) Ah …… again. How many times was this? remember it already…it’s the 9th time. It is amazing that you can cum this many time Hey, your happy, right? …right? Yes, yes, it feels good right what? It feels so good, so stop ? Of course not, it’s just the started But it’s getting less and less hard. I know Look at this. This is called an electric masturbator, right? It had good review so i got it for you Put this over it and turn it on …… WOW!!! You’re shaking so hard and your body is twitching so much how is it will this you cum fast ? why stop it? Still not stimulated enough? Then I’ll give you some extra get this cute nipples and tickle tickle here get hard again what?  oh your password? finally you told me good boy good boy well then As a reward for saying it you can cum alot maybe good if i suck it (sound of sucking dick)what? about to cum? (sound of sucking dick) im glad there cum….cum oh your password? your body jumped a lot It felt so good diden’t it will this was the 10th time good work It felt so good. you like me now right? you dont care about other girls right? Yay, I’m so happy. Now we are a loving couple. well then next make me feel good ok? don’t worry the night is just getting started good luck. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Yandere Voice


Genre:ASMR,Yandere,Internal Cumshot,Coercion / Compulsion,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man

Release date:12/11/2022