【script reveal】When a beautiful, calm neighbor woman turned into a yandere...

■please■ 1 give a ☆5and a good review 2 Please spread the word on SNS。 then I’ll be able to make more games thank you for your support ■Cast introduction■ yandere lab twitter https://twitter.com/yandereLAB please follow voice actor https://twitter.com/ibaravoice support site https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/12159/plan 【script reveal】When a beautiful, calm neighbor woman turned into a yandere… 【parking of apartment. noon】 Hi, there. It’s hot today, isn’t it? You live by yourself but are you taking care of your health? Haha, you are not feeling well enough? Come to think of it, you always use air conditioner, don’t you? I know it’s hot every day but you keep the room temperature too cold. You’ll get cold. By the way, don’t you have a girlfriend or something? ….Oh, no? It is so amazing that you are so nice and yet you don’t have one. 【small voice】 Well, I know you anyway. 【small voice until here】 What? I didn’t say anything. Oh, why don’t you come to my house and eat some dinner? I live alone, too and it’s kinda troublesome to cook only for me. But you’re worried about your health too, aren’t you? I used to like to cook and I think I’m pretty good at it. Oh, did you enjoy the stew I gave you the other day? Huhu, thanks. Oh, I’m glad you said that because I thought I did well too. Well… Don’t you ever hate it when people cook in such a brazen manner? I like to cook, but for you, I’m just your neighbor. Oh… I’m glad to hear that. So, what do you wanna eat? I’ll make you something you want. Oh, no. Never mind. I love to cook, but living alone, I don’t get requests from anyone. So I’d be happy if you could make a request for me. Hmmm… You want meat dishes, I got it! I’ll make sure it’s ready by the time you get back. 【scene change 3 sec】 【heroin’s room, night】 Welcome home. Dinner is ready. …..Why? You won’t have them? …Come on. Perhaps you’re no longer in the mood for meat? If not, can you tell me why all of a sudden you say that? ……Are you scared? Why do you think you scare me? Did I do something wrong…? Huh? How do I know what’s going on in your room……? If you’re talking about leaving the air conditioner on every night, it’s because I heard the sound of the outdoor unit. ….I see. So you’re saying that because I mentioned the temperature I guess that’s why you became suspicious of me. Sorry about that. I accidentally said something unnecessary. To be honest… I love you. I love you so much that I moved into this apartment……. Ah, it’s no wonder you don’t know me. When you came to the company where I work, it was just a one-sided love at first sight. I wanted to know everything about the person I love. So I am just doing my best to get to know you. What’s the problem? You like Ms. Tanaka of the General Affairs Department, don’t you? You know what she likes and you ask her to the movies. What makes what I do any different from what you do? ……Is what I am doing out of the ordinary? So what? If I were to hold back, they would take you away from me, wouldn’t they? So I was going to try to get into your mind slowly. I can’t believe you would find out this way…… You know. It’s not like I didn’t think about it either, okay? I was thinking about the possibility that you would find out…… Besides, aren’t you being a bit careless too? You’re not afraid to come to someone you think is out of the ordinary……. You think I’m an idiot because I’m a woman, don’t you? 【Sound of Tear Spray】 If you were suspicious, you shouldn’t have come to me. You, idiot. 【scene change 3sec】 You wake up? Huhu. You look tired. I used a hypnotic spray that said you’d be awake in about an hour, but you were asleep for two and a half hours, remember? It’s true that tired people get up a little later. And you’re pretty heavy for such a thin guy. I was thrilled when I was taking off your clothes, because you were so muscular and strong. Haha, you just realized you’re naked now? ……You’d say what am I going to do about it? Huhu…just doing what you’re thinking, right? I really love you. But you love other woman. Then I’ll just make sure you can only choose me. Ah huh… You have a big penis. It would feel so good to have this poking around inside me. 【girl takes off clothes】 Huhu, I’m confident in my style……. What do you think? Even my boobs are big and this beautiful neckline……. Ahaha. You like it? Because your penis, you see, is responding……? If I give it a wiggle it like this……. Ah, cowper is coming. Your penis is very wet, isn’t it? Looks good. Ummm… 【sound of blowjob】 Ummm…Hah… Huhu, smells awsome… Slurp… Ah… Um… Smack, Um, Hah… Ahaha, you like blowjob? Slurp, ummm… Hah… See? It’s getting boner. No, you don’t cum yet. Be patient little more. Haha! If I squeezed the base of your penis, it would be freaking out, right? You wanna get cum? Correct? Ahaha, nope! You are suspicious of me, but you have such an erect penis……. You, anyone who can get rid of their sexual desires, right? Huhu, you pissed off? Come on, let’s make a bet. If you have sex with me and hold back your cumming…… I’ll believe that you love her. But you can’t stand it… Be my boyfriend, okay? 【sound of inserting penis into pussy】 Ummm. Ah, ah… Haha, I licked your cock and my pussy got wet too…… Hah, mmm, your cock deep into my……. Pussy…! 【Woman, wiggling her hips and sounding disheveled】 Ah, Huh, Ummm…! Your penis is poking me deep inside…Ahh… It’s so good. Hah… You too, right? Your cock is getting harder inside me… Hey, I’d like to see the chemistry between your body and mine…… haha, haha……. Don’t you think? Ah, Aahh… Yeah…! I think I’m a pretty woman after all, and, uh, ah, ah……. Be my boyfriend… Ah…Ummm.. I’m cumming…! Hah, hah, ah……. Full of your sperm in my tammy. Could be have a baby…? Hey, I won anyway. So you are now my boyfriend. Huhu, let’s be happy together. …Ummm, ah… Haha, just a little movement will make your penis feel better……? Do you want to have more fun with me? Will you do dozens and dozens of fun things with me so that you won’t even think about the person you love? Ummm, don’t look so hopeless? You makes me crazy……. (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Yandere Voice


Genre:ASMR,Yandere,Hand Job,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio,Sexual Training,Captivity,Reverse Rape

Release date:01/25/2023