【script reveal】xx days of being locked up that i'm can't cum

■please■ 1 give a ☆5and a good review 2 Please spread the word on SNS。 then I’ll be able to make more games thank you for your support ■Cast introduction■ yandere lab twitter https://twitter.com/yandereLAB please follow voice actor https://twitter.com/ibaravoice support site https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/12159/plan 【script reveal】xx days of being locked up that i’m can’t cum I’m home. …… Ah, you finally woke up. …… taking you wile you were unconscious was a challenge, good morning sleep well? A room prepared just for you. Isn’t it nice? Who … stop messing with me I’m your girlfriend I liked you since you picked up my handkerchief before. So for the past month, we’ve been going to school and movies together. eating good food at restaurants arn’t we a happy couple? but you been going out with another girl I’m not going to let you cheat on me don’t remenber? you don’t remenber me ? how….. how can you say that I’ve always loved you I was so happy that It became true. did you lose your memory? I see. …… I’m sure you did but it will be ok I will treat you in this room until you remember how much you love me. your resisting….. I guess I’ll have to keep you handcuffed until you get better. Hmmm …… how do I make it better I know let’s do what you love you might remenber if we do it enough If i’m right you love sex don’t you? Rubing your dick every day after you get home and feeling good have an idea what i’m going to do to you Oh, but I think I’ll try to use that thing there it is huhuhu guss what It’s a toy that vibrates when you use the remote put this there I’ve attached it to your dick so it won’t come off even if you try What are i’m going to do with it, ……, you know? turn it on ! why are you making weird sound? dose it feels good? it’s ok to feel good Remember me soon, okay? it’s geting bigger and bigger geting horny just with a toy are you ? but i love you that way there i made it stronder I’ve only used it a bit myself. but it’s a great toy are you going to cum? it’s you first time using a toy? but no what did you want to cum? guy’s take’s time to cum again after thay cum right? so i’m going to stop it before you cum Is it hard for you? it’s not right? here we go again see your geting horny again your so cute…..shit that was close you were about cun weren’t you? I can tell by your face you can’t cum Be careful ok if you say you love me you can cum Ill make you feel good in many ways Look forward to it. 【scene change…】 stop Yout twitching so much do you remenber me now? …… hmmm, maybe a bit more …… I’m makeing you feel good for 1 week now It’s hard treating you make sure you don’t cum move it slowly dose it feel good? you want to cum ? nooo you need yo remenber me first what? did you say ypu like me? hmm but i don’t know if your lieing really do you really like me? finally you remenber that you love me ok you can cum once Haha, you’re giving your dick out yourself dose it feels better to cum than being hold backed? If so you should have told me! here up down up down how dose it feel to get to cum for the first time in a while? are you going to cun Already? will will ok you can cum in my hand as much as you want wow that’s alot you really like geting laid don’you I’ll make you feel good for ever you like this better right? hmm is it hard on you? no way right you wanted to cum diden’t you? this is what you wan’t right? yes yes I know that you like me but don’t cheat ok? only look at me I’ll make you feel good for a least a week The treatment is just starting (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Yandere Voice


Genre:ASMR,Yandere,Internal Cumshot,Captivity,Coercion / Compulsion,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man

Release date:12/18/2022