Life with the Reverse Bunny

Faced with the serious problem of declining birthrates, the government did the only thing it could. They sent “Sperm Collectors” to every unmarried man. When you open your eyes, you find yourself in an incredibly luxurious home and before you, a stacked bunny girl… According to her, as of today, this house is now yours and she’s going to drain your balls on the daily. And so, your new life of cumming until she drains every last drop begins… Format: video (MP4) Playback time: 25 mins 39 secs Video resolution: 1920×1080 Contents: Handjob, Fellatio, Buttjob, Titjob, Cowgirl Style * This is a femdom work. No teasing from the man’s side Your Government Issued Sperm Collector Can you say Voluptuous Reverse Bunny Sex? All the ass and tiddies you could hope for! Beautifully rendered with Unreal Engine 5 Real cum physics!!!

Circle:System Creature


Genre:Buttocks,Breasts,Lots of White Cream / Juices,3D Works,Bunny Girl,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Submissive Man

Release date:09/18/2023