Ayakashi Nostalgia - Wildcat Yako [Ear Cleaning / Grooming] [English ver.]

Summary *This is the English version of “[Ear Cleaning / Grooming] Ayakashi Nostalgia – Wildcat Yako~ (RJ281278) *This version features Japanese audio with English subtitles. [Contents] The last holy ground, a place where humans and Ayakashi live side-by-side, a hidden village deep in the mountains of Kouchi in Shikoku… Monobeno. It is a sanctuary for the Ayakashi, as belief in their existence and fear of their presence dwindles. And deep in the forest at the edge of the village lurks a certain Ayakashi, who watches and announces travelers, migrants, and returning residents… as well as personally shielding the village from intruders. She is a wildcat. In the past, she only had her animal form, unable to give her report in any way save for the meowing of a cat. But thanks to the resolution of the strange events around Monobeno, she’s finally grasped how to change into human form. Even so, her life as a wildcat has changed very little. Aside from her dealings with the Ayakashi and humans she knows, she still spends her time deep in the woods, patiently fulfilling her duties. Simply watching the road… One day, a traveler (that’s you) strays from the path and gets lost in the forest. The wildcat sees that you’re injured and offers her help. After some questioning, she learns that you’re searching for treasure — and that just happens to be her favorite thing. And so the pair of you recommence your solo search as two… A search that takes you through the abundant natural beauty of the forest around Monobeno, and even to a hidden hot spring. Please enjoy your time with Yako the wildcat, and all the wonderful sounds that come with it. [Ayakashi Introduction ~Yako~] In Monobeno, the cats all have a boss named Chima. And then there’s Miss Arisu, the human Chima adores. And finally we have the fashionable, fast-talking wildcat herself, who got her education from both of them. That’s Yako. Yako works in the forest. It’s her job to report all the comings and goings from the village. And if she spots an especially dangerous-looking intruder, she’ll stop them herself — or at the very least hold them off until backup arrives. It’s a pretty hard job. Utilizing her natural physicality and keen senses to carry out her duty has made her quite wary of letting her guard down around anybody but Chima or Arisu. But you’re her third exception. “The most beautiful thing in the world…” That’s what you’re after, and it’s a quest Yako can sympathize with… so much so, that the distance between you vanished as soon as she heard those words. Will your search and relaxation lead the two of you to what you’re looking for? Just listen and find out… [Track List] Track 1: Introducing Yako Track 2: The Wildcat Arrives & How to Enjoy Track 3: Names and Treasure Hunting (A Walk in the Woods) Track 4: Back-Washing, Social Grooming, and a Warm Bath Track 5: Soft and Fluffy Kitty Paw Ear Cleaning (Right side) Track 6: Soft and Fluffy Kitty Paw Ear Cleaning (Left side) Track 7: Night-night with Yako Track 8: Yako’s Breathing (Looping) Track 9: Interview with Tomoe Tamiyasu [Credits] ********************************************************************************* Sound quality improved by utilizing the “NEUMANN KU100” microphone! Enjoy heightened ASMR feelings with newly recorded sound effects! ********************************************************************************* Wildcat Yako: Tomoe Tamiyasu (@tammy_now) Illustration/Character Design: Hasumi (@hasubatake39) Scenario: Shinkouhyou (@sin_kou_hyou) Recording: myoujinsita-studio Editing: Kenji Arai (@arakeso) Production: Whisp Includes illustrations and text



Genre:Healing,Binaural,ASMR,Youkai,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Outdoor,Whispering

Release date:10/26/2020