[ENG Sub] I Lost to my Little Sister's Youngest Friend's Bullying Ear Cleaning

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) The 28th work in the “I Lost” series! The 36th work by Deburi overall!! This time’s cheeky girl is the youngest sibling of four, a seasoned little sister who has her 3 big brothers wrapped around her finger. She is voiced by Yui Otokura!! There’s no tricks this time! Enjoy being mercilessly teased and put in your place! It’s a little naughty and feels oh-so-wrong, yet it’s also perfectly suited for sleeping to with all sorts of relaxing sounds! What more could one ask for? Mayu Hashimoto, a cheeky little sister to 3 brothers, comes knocking at your door to see your little sister Momo. She’s a devilish little girl who bullies her big brothers in the palm of her hand, and she purposely showed up when Momo was away to get cozy with you to get a new big brother (toy) to play with! “Mayu’s bored of playing with her big brothers… if only a new Onii-chan would play with me… *glance*” Cornered by Mayu’s natural cuteness and forwardness, you get roped into playing some risky sibling make-believe with her. Unable to resist her temptations, Your defenseless ears are at her mercy… “Since you aren’t my real brother, Onii… we can do *that*, or even *that*! Hehehe… What were you just imagining? You’re blushing, you know?” “Onii… could it be that you actually like being tickled? Heh! It’s just like I thought… You really are a total masochist, Onii-chan!” Once you realize her true mischievous nature, you put up some pathetic resistance, but inevitably, she has her way with your ears and claims you as her new Onii-chan. Voiced by Yui Otokura, the cute, smug, slightly lewd and dangerously sadistic girl Mayu Hashimoto is a seasoned veteran of a little sister. She taunts you, relentlessly toys with your ears, and disciplines you with both kindness and a smug attitude. In the face of this hopelessly superior adversary putting you in your place, enjoy the taste of defeat as you drift off to sleep.” Contents [Track List] 01. Introduction Part (00:07:28) 02. Right Ear Cleaning Part (00:45:58) 03. Left Ear Cleaning Part (00:45:15) Total playback: 01:38:41 Recorded with a binaural microphone. WAV and MP3 formats. Ear cleaning portions come with right and left variations. The ear cleaning tracks were also split into shorter variations. Also features: – Bonus illustrations (cover art, character designs, manga) – Readme.txt – Script in PDF format [Key Points] Contains various play pertaining to your ears: – Whispering, ear cleaning (outer and inner ear, quick and slow) – Cotton swab (cleaning, outer, slowly and fast inner) – Ear cleaning with her finger and saliva – Saliva-coated ear brush – Lots of ear blowing – Bonten ASMR( outside, in and out movement, quick and deep) Character Mayu Hashimoto (CV: Yui Otokura) Likes: Older guys (Big brothers) Dislikes: Bitter vegetables Hobby: Playing with her big brothers Special Skill: Teasing her big brothers “Alright, then how about you beg me for it? That’s no good! You gotta ask me nice and politely! Or else I won’t do it! Yeah, yeah! ‘I beg of you,’ huh? Pfft, How lame can you get!? You sure are obedient… What a good boy, Onii!” A classmate of your little sister “Momo”. She’s the youngest sibling of 4, and has 3 big brothers. Her brothers are infatuated with her and spoil her often. A veteran little sister who knows well what makes her brothers tick, she teases and plays with and cheats spending money out of them. However, she’s been getting bored of playing with her big brothers lately, so she decided to pay a visit to her friend’s house to capture a new toy (big brother). Both mischievous and cute, she’s a natural-born smug little sadist who has a 100% chance of victory over you. Credits Voice Actress: Yui Otokura Official Site: https://otyi-info.jimdosite.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/yui_0p0 Voice Materials, Environmental Sound Assets, etc.: On-Jin ( https://on-jin.com/ ) DOVA-SYNDROME ( https://dova-s.jp/ ) Sound Effect Lab ( https://soundeffect-lab.info/ ) TK’S FREE SOUND FX https://taira-komori.jpn.org/index.html ) Contact Information (deburi members): Yodoyabashi Mail: eardebris@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/eardebris Doi Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/users/1476091 Twitter: https://twitter.com/kknsr250r (English product description provided by OCD Translations.)

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Genre:Serial Product,Binaural,ASMR,Loli,Mesugaki,Ear Cleaning,Submissive Man,Twin Tail

Release date:02/02/2024