[ENG Sub] [InstaFap!] Lewd Moan Zashiki Warashi ~gifting you the happiest life in the world~ [Binaural]

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) What is the InstaFap! series? Low priced short audio works that can be used to get off relatively quickly. We generally release one a month. Various kinds of characters in varying situations. That’s what. Hope you enjoy! Overview For April 2023 we have a loli “zashiki warashi” that’ll moan ever so lewdly for you! She is troubled by the fact that even though you are living together, she doesn’t seem to be bringing you much luck or happiness in life. Even though it may be due to her lack of power, you nonetheless pat her on the head… This protective household deity is determined to make you the happiest guy in the world…! The heroine this time is voiced by Amu Mochiri! We hope you enjoy her highly esteemed loli moans and groans! [Files Included] Main Audio File x2 (with / without sound effects versions) Cover Illustration x 2 (with / without title text) Synopsis A “zashiki warashi” (protective household deity) is living in the apartment that you moved into… and you kind of just let it slide. Even though she is a protective household deity, you encounter bad luck every day… and there is no sign of happiness coming into your life. This troubles the zashiki warashi… So much, in fact, that she decides to lend you a hand… and her body. Character: Mien A “zashiki warashi” (protective household deity) that has lived for a long time in a room of the apartment you recently began living in three months ago. She is troubled by the fact that you do not seem to be becoming any happier thanks to her existence. Surprisingly, she has a rather sloven personality. Track List Main track 26:47 Credits CV: Amu Mochiri ( https://twitter.com/mochiri_0909 ) Scenario: Shio Ushio ( https://twitter.com/happytibikko115 ) Illustration: Isenori ( https://twitter.com/izi493 ) Logo: Ninjin ( https://twitter.com/akaicarrot_dsg ) Voice Editing: Derutamiru ( https://twitter.com/derutamiru ) ************************* Planning / Production: Production Mikan Official Website: https://productionmikan.com/ *************************

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Genre:Binaural,ASMR,Loli,Youkai,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Pure Love,Internal Cumshot,Vulgar Moans

Release date:12/19/2023