[ENG Sub] It's Hard to Believe, But The Hot Older Woman Next Door Took My Virginity

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Clocking in at around 10 minutes, you might think it’s fairly short, but this audio is stuffed to the gills! Recorded in a studio on a KU100, this is high-quality at a bargain price! Includes script. The village that we live in has this custom where, once you come of age, one of the women will come and take your virginity. My partner is Madoka Arai. I’ve always thought she was beautiful, ever since I was young. She’s lived next door for as long as I can remember. And now it’s time. I’m so nervous I’m shaking. Madoka whispers things into my ears that I’ve never heard before. “I’ll make sure your first time is unforgettable.” Playback time: 11 mins 13 secs You’ve known her since you were young, and always thought she was beautiful. Now, she’s going to be your very first… Pampering, whispering, gentle guidance… Let this older woman make a man out of you. Character Madoka Arai CV: Haruru Akiyama Ever since you were small, she’s lived in the neighborhood. She’s usually a calm and laid-back individual. She’s known you ever since you were young and always treated you sweetly. You’ve always thought of her as just this beautiful woman who lived nearby, and now she’s been chosen as your “first”. Credits CV: Haruru Akiyama ( https://twitter.com/hiiragi_mafuyu ) Production/Planning: Nekomimi Tokyo Scenario: Fumiyasu Seino ( https://twitter.com/seinofumiyasu ) * The cover art uses an AI-generated image.

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Genre:Healing,Binaural,ASMR,Senior,Married Woman,Internal Cumshot,Whispering

Release date:10/03/2023