[ENG Sub] Rural Childhood Friend Sex ~childhood friend begs for sex when drinking barley tea~

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) A Short Story It’s a short work of about 10 minutes, but because it’s short, the content is condensed! Recorded in a studio on a KU100 microphone, so the price is cheap, but the quality isn’t! The script is also included. Wind chimes sway in the wind, and outside, green and blue stretch as far as the eye can see. Your childhood friend said looks up from the porch at the full extent of the incoming clouds slowly crawling across the sky. “There’s really nothing to do around here… don’t you think so?” She says this to you as she places her barley tea on a nearby table, then leisurely approaches and entwines herself with you. “Hey, do you want to have sex?” She openly and unapologetically asks you. This is a normal scene… part of a daily routine for the two of you. Playback time: 11 minutes 54 seconds Summer sex with a girl you’ve known since you were young. We hope you enjoy the flirty lovey teasy atmosphere and sex. Studio recording on a KU100 microphone Kyouko (CV: Haruru Akiyama) Your childhood friend. Both a friend and friend with benefits kind of relationship. Although she doesn’t say so explicitly either, she sometimes shows possessiveness towards you. When she says things in a joking manner, she sometimes means it. “We’ve worked up a good sweat… let’s drink some barley tea…” Credits CV: Haruru Akiyama ( https://twitter.com/hiiragi_mafuyu ) Planning and production: Nekomimi Tokyo Scenario: Fumiyasu Seino ( https://twitter.com/nakayama_writer ) * AI illustrations are used in the introduction image.

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Genre:Binaural,ASMR,Childhood Friend,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio

Release date:10/06/2023