[ENG Sub] The Sweet Older Sister Who Soothes Me Is A Stacked Succubus

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Character Nanami Uehara CV: Maino Kouno B92 / W59 / H87 Totally in love with her younger brother (you). Recently, you’ve been coming home seeming more tired than usual, so she’s worried about you. Story My parents died when I was young. Ever since then, my kind older sister has been taking care of me. Whenever I come home dog tired, she always looks after me, but recently, I’ve been extra tired and it seems she’s going a little further than usual… Track List / Details Track 1: Meeting – Prologue (2:11) Track 2: Bath Time (Blowjob, ball-licking, handjob, facial ejaculation) (11:57) Track 3: She’s a Succubus…?! (Whispering, handjob, cowgirl) (13:00) Track 4: Sex in your Room (Boobs, missionary, loving embrace sex) (10:24) Track 5: Sex on your Day Off (Blowjob, drinking cum, cleanup blowjob, cum countdown) (12:51) Contents & Credits [Contents] – WAV and MP3 file formats (with/without ejaculation sounds / with sound effects) – Bonus content: cover illustration, logo-free illustration, cover variation illustration [Credits] Planning/Draft: Okimono A Scenario: Ayame Murasaki https://twitter.com/MurasakiAyame__ CV: Maino Kouno https://twitter.com/kounomai_ Illustration: Eichi Mitabi https://twitter.com/mibi25

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Genre:Breasts,ASMR,Older Stepsister,Succubus / Incubus,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Slice of Life / Daily Living,Internal Cumshot,Tease

Release date:07/01/2023