The Life of a Captured Slave [English & Chinese Ver.]

Contents This product contains overlapping content with “Lascivious Slavery (RE234791)” A monster with the appearance of a beautiful woman…a succubus that will cum squeeze you with overwhelming pleasure. You hear such rumors, and, wanting to believe them, you step foot into the succubus estate. From that day on, you are raised as the succubus’ pet…prepare for tons of hot whispering and deep ear licking. 01_Day1 (12:09) She blows into your ears, and licks them. Things start a bit reserved and teasing. (Ear licking / ear blowing) 02_Day2 (09:59) She licks your ears after binding your penis at the base Her teasing makes you want to ejaculate badly… (Ear licking / penis tying) 03_Day3 (11:06) Day 3 of no ejaculation. Once again, your penis is bound, and your ears assaulted. In that state, she gives you a handjob. The handjob intensifies until you’re on the edge, then she leaves you as is. (Ear licking / handjob) 04_Day4 (15:32) The fourth day of no cumming. Just a breath puts you on the brink. Your pre-cum juices are rubbed on your nipples, and she licks your ears while teasing your nipples. Then, while your penis is bound, she licks your balls and gives you fellatio. (Ear licking / nipple teasing / fellatio, ball licking) 05_Day5 (13:25) It’s morning, and your pre-cum is already leaking. You’re at the point you agree to become her slave if she’ll let you cum. However, she won’t let you choose the timing. You’re edged until she gives permission… (1 ejaculation / ear licking / handjob) 06_Consecutive ejaculation part @ titjob (7:51) Your dick is encased by the succubus’ breasts, and you cum almost immediately. However, once is not enough… (1 ejaculation / titjob / fellatio) 07_Consecutive ejaculation part @ sex (11:10) The hard protagonist is cum squeezed by succubus pussy. After another ejaculation, she makes fun of you. If you’re going to prematurely ejaculate, you have to make up for that somehow… (2 ejaculations / cunnilingus / ear licking / sex) 08_Consecutive ejaculation part @ teasing both ears (12:26) With you all out of juice from cumming so much, the succubus licks one ear, and tantalizes your other with her tail. After more forced cumming, she teases your prostate into squirting a little more. (1 ejaculation / double ear assault / prostate teasing / squirting) 09_Slave maintenance @ ear cleaning (15:38) Double ear cleaning with hands and tail. It’s important to maintain cum slaves. (Ear cleaning / ear wiping / cotton swap / bonten ASMR / ear blowing) Bonus Ear licking free talk (15:47) Total playback time: 2 hours 7 minutes 18 seconds A subtitled audio work. Audio: Japanese Subtitles: English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese [Credits] CV: Ayaka Igasaki (@ayakaigasaki) Illustration: wanira Design: Jinsei Background production: Cre-p Co.,Ltd. Audio editing: Ayaka Igasaki / MeltyBeans Planning: Shirokuma no Yome (Ayaka Igasaki)

Circle:Shirokuma no Yome


Genre:Binaural,Ear Cleaning,Hand Job,Breast Sex,Restraint,Big Breasts

Release date:06/20/2020