Escape from the Lair of Kissing Succubus

This work is only about kissing torture!! This game is dedicated to kissing and hickeying! You will be kissed on the mouth, cheeks, penis, and all over the body, and you will be kissed and kissed all over the body! Animations that move like a slime! 3DCG movie plays when being kissed! When you are kissed, the hickey is disturbed on the screen! There are 5 types of hickey shapes, and the color of the hickey is the color of the succubus’s lipstick! Various types of succubus! There are regular succubus, scruffy succubus, bunny succubus, and more. Not only do they move around the dungeon, but some of them wait in traps or throw kisses to suck you in! Walk around the 3D dungeon and search for treasure while escaping from the hordes of succubus! (Produced with the latest 3D game engine, “Bakin”!) *Because this is a 3D game, the processing may be heavy and may not run properly on your computer.  I recommend that you first check the operation with the trial version. (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:3D Works,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Coquettish / Seduction,Harem,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man,Big Breasts,Supersize

Release date:09/26/2023