-Heaven's Hospital-

Gameplay Collect items and manage resources as your progress through a scary hospital, avoiding Reapers in the guise of cute nurses along the way! Things are simple enough that all you need to worry about is escaping! But don’t get too comfortable…! includes different modes and difficulties to give you plenty of ways to get spooked! 2 modes, 4 difficulties, 3 abilities 1) Basic Mode: Collect items and progress through the hospital while fighting off your tormentors. Can you survive for seven days? There are Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties (Hard unlocks after beating the game once). 2) Endless Night Mode: Collect items for points and earn the highest score you can! There are gold, silver, and bronze items to collect. Reapers There are 8 different enemies (11 on the highest difficulty). The enemies will attack in different ways such as poison, noises, sleep, and even instant death! There are also 5 different outfits, with 4 more that can be unlocked. The default is the nurse. Plenty of Scares in Store! Get attacked by the Reapers and your Fear Meter will go up. Under certain circumstances, there will be a special Game Over scene. Stress-Free Design 1) No puzzles! If you’re not the thinkiest of gamers, this is perfect! There’s also a limit to the size of the areas since it’s all inside a hospital, so it’s harder to get lost. There are over 24 different achievements. There are also different modes the play in such as Basic and Endless Night. 2) Features support for a wide variety of languages! Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Hindi. About the Demo Version You’ll be able to play the first stage of Basic Mode on Easy difficulty.

Circle:NN Game Workshop



Release date:11/01/2021