Oneshota Swordplay ACT: Hagokoro

* Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility. * The promotional video uses some assets from earlier in development, so some graphics may differ from the full product. [Contents] – R-18 element full-unlock included – 27 characters (all women) 50 H scenes / 156 H CG total – Main genres are reverse rape, harem, and seduction – Some “In a Pinch Events” involve reverse-ryona following defeat – Ryona elements include voice when being struck, animations of the enemy being downed, and a special “Finish Them” mode when all enemies are defeated. A New OneShota Swashbuckling Action Game from excess m! Enjoy dynamic fights, and full-fledged H! Our new game engine makes things more beautiful than ever! Our Montage / Coloring system makes for a wide variety of character patterns and expressions! The Hero, Defeated By Seduction! Watch out! Seduction will render you unable to move, and deal sleep damage! Our poor inexperienced protagonist will somehow have to fight through these underhanded tactics! Assaulter and Assaulted Elements Smothered by voluptuously mounds…and many other special H animations await! Be scorned and stomped upon by enemies. Continue the assault after defeating them! A large variety of busty ladies much larger than the hero come to have at him! Enjoy seamless H transitions with a near endless number of H possibilities! Support Features for the less Action-inclined Auto-guard Auto-item Game-speed adjustment Difficulty Levels * All auto-functions can be toggled to your liking Customize with the editing feature! Using chosen characters as a base, edit bodies, panties, even powers, and put your creation in the game! The edit function lets you adjust the lovely ladies to your personal preferences!



Genre:Male Protagonist,No Reverse,Anime,Coquettish / Seduction,Harem,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Orgy Sex,Reverse Rape

Release date:06/19/2021