Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality

Legend has it that Huuma Mina is an immortal ninja with silver hair and silver eyes. In the modern era, she tries to hide and live in seclusion. However, a mad scientist, Arakawa Murasaki, is obsessed with the research on her immortalization and tries to capture her again. Is Arakawa Murasaki able to capture Mina and reveal the secret with modern science and technology? For the best experience, a controller is recommended! * Hack and Slash Style Fighting! You can easily combine two attacks to develop your own fighting style. Dodging and Guarding are to defend yourself against enemies. What’s even better, you can also equip 2 skills to improve the combat efficiency. * Armor Durability! All armor in the game has a specific durability. Once it reaches zero, your armor will break and all incoming attacks will interrupt outgoing action. * Torture to get the intel! Torture the key captive to get the necessary intel. * Slave Arena You cannot die because you’re immortal. If you are defeated, however, you’ll be sent to an arena where you have to fight for your freedom. It’s also a good chance to earn EXP and Gold. * Real-time Cut-scenes! The story is told by cut-scenes and can be played again after you complete the game. * Character Customization! There are 6 customization slots. You can change her hair, underwear, handwear, footwear, outfit and her accessories. Additionally, each unlocked item will make your character stronger. * Story Quests and Optional Quests! You can quest based on story progress or do some optional quests, like searching for missing cats…etc. Update 2020.11.08 (v1.1.5) 1. Added BGMs. 2. Some minor bug fixes and improvements.



Genre:Breasts,Sexual Bondage,Restraint,Captivity,Torture

Release date:08/12/2020