Shrine Maiden Kanna's Meatheaded ExorFist Record

Miko Kanna Noukin Taimaki (lit: Shrine Maiden Kanna’s Meatheaded ExorFist Record) [Synopsis] Early one morning at a certain shrine… there was one shrine maiden, oh so bored with her daily chores. There, a child from the nearby village comes in search of help! “Oneechan HELP! All the villagers have gone crazy…” “Possessed villagers? Perfect. Leave everything up to Kanna, okay!” “Eh… no, I mean, the priest, I want…” Having gained an excuse to abandon her chores, shrine maiden Kanna throws her broom aside. “I’ll go an smack some sense into the fools.” “…… Don’t go too overboard please……” [Game Overview] A Pixel Art Beat ‘em up Scrolling Action Game. This hot-blooded meathead shrine maiden, by the name of Kanna, will resolve all problems standing in her way… with her MIGHT! Defeat waves of enemies with her M(uscular)ystical Miko Powers! [Game System] – Various actions are possible; standing attack, flying attack, dash attack, grappling throws, emergency escape, etc! – Taking too much damage results in clothing removal (7 stages of) – After a certain level of clothing has been removed erotic attacks ensue. – Contains a enemy defeating VS mode. – Keyboard / Game-pad compatible with Key Configuration. – Unlimited Continues. Can start from any previously reached stage. 3 stages / 16 enemies / 5 types of sexual harassment 12 types of erotic scenes (pixel art animation) Sexual harassment is mainly breasts Erotic scenes are mainly orthodox sexual positions Battle cries / moan and groans of pleasure are voiced. * Old Production Blog: ***************************************************************** Confirm system compatibility via the trial version. Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. ***************************************************************** Language selectable: Japanese and English

Circle:Maruru Software


Genre:Clothed,Woman’s Viewpoint,Dot / Pixel,Shrine Maiden,Coercion / Compulsion

Release date:09/12/2017