Flatcheez2 English version

This product includes two DLCs that were sold separately in the Japanese version. [Story] This is the story of a young boy named Yuuta who has just transferred to another school and is trying to live a normal life. However, one day, a mysterious letter Yuuta receives a strange, mysterious letter. It seems someone named Princess Alice sent it! According to the rumors, she gives to those she has invited the ‘ultimate pleasure’!? [System] The story is composed of multiple episodes you unlock by playing. There are also several side-stories to play through in addition to the main story. Each episode can be unlocked by clearing its specific conditions. (The main story stays roughly on the same level of naughtiness all along, but some of the side stories are much more perverted…) Some episodes let you move around freely on a simple yet efficient map. There is also an item collection event with repercussions on the main story. You may also unlock some special episodes by finding certain items! * Please do download the demo if you want to check how the game is. You can also come to the circle’s website and check the FAQ page there.



Genre:Loli,Shota,Mature Woman / MILF,School / Academy,Outdoor Exposure,Shame / Humiliation

Release date:12/16/2019