Stolen Wife ~Cucked On A Hot Spring Company Trip~

About You want to spend some peaceful time together with your wife. This leads you to participate as a couple in a trip sponsored by your company. However, at your destination awaits a brood of sexually starved men hungry for your wife’s body. When this vacation is over, whose arms will she be in? Protect your wife from the beasts surrounding her in this NTR story adventure! STORY Akihiro and Akane Takatori have been married for three years and are still in the honeymoon phase. However, they’ve been unable to travel together due to their busy schedules. One day, Akihiro’s company plans a company trip to celebrate 30 years since their founding. Employees are welcome to bring their families, so Akihiro joins with his wife. Also participating are Onishima—a partnered company’s president who is known for harassing women—and Akihiro’s junior, Ryuuzaki, who lusts after Akane. Can Akihiro and Akane enjoy privacy on their vacation without the wicked hands of other men snatching her away? Or will she fall prey to their sexual traps? What will Akihiro and Akane choose? (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Married Woman,Married Person,Ahegao / Gapeface,Facial Cumshot,Violation,Naughty / Lewd,Big Breasts

Release date:12/17/2022