Attack of The Killer Mushrooms!

We are very delicious! The villagers of a secluded mountain hamlet have disappeared. The only survivors are a baby with colic and a feeble old man. Before the old man dies, he whispers, Matango….. Students from a high school science club want to learn more of this phenomenon… Before long, they learn — oh god — what Matango are. They’re delicious truffles, too delicious to resist.. and once eaten, mushrooms sprout from their bodies, and the students become enormous living mushrooms…… One by one, they each become Matango. To propagate their species they need more human victims! Realizing that low blood pressure people like babies and old men cannot be converted, the students try to bleed themselves out the nose… Language: English Genre: Horror Comic Pages: 26 (2 color, 24 b&w) Author: Mori Kanda Publisher: Hamster Books

Circle:Mori Kanda



Release date:Mar/29/2011