Fighting Subconscious (English)!

[Preamble] Yuuya and Kyouko were finding a balance. Yuuya was starting to like Kyouko after his own total humiliation. Kyouko’s longtime one-way affection for Yuuya was being reciprocated, but the road to a relationship still had many hiccups… Yuuya by no means had permission to treat any girl like a human sandbag. Having done so, Yuuya would need additional restraining by Kyouko. [Contents] Female-on-female and female-on-male choke holds, domination, wrestling grapples, strap-on dildo hell, stink fetish (panties, saliva, socks), ear licking, analingus/rimjob, etc. [Credits] Manga by Nanohana 800 ( ) Planned and written by The Nation of Head Scissors ( )

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Wrestler/Fighter,Fight,Cat Fight,Sexual Training,Woman Rapes Man,Submissive Man

Release date:Jul/02/2015