Sanasu in Wonderland!

One day, Sanasu was reading a book and a Majikichi sister discovered a rare rabbit speaks & bipedalism as it happens! I Uritobaso to the pet shop and the guy, on a mountain bike chase in Shinimonogurui, fell into the hole as it is Sanasu woman is persistent. Where arrived, it was an unknown world and ultra-meaning. Repeat the battle with the world’s guys that are too mysterious and defeat everyone!? To escape from this world is what you can!? * Sanasu in Wonderland, in the Free Version You can read up to section 1 of the first episode! The image will be the same as introduction, it is difficult to see if the image is introduced’d look to download the trial version!



Genre:Queen/Princess,Gothic Lolita,Hilarious,Comedy,Fight,War

Release date:Jun/22/2012