The Senshi Dolls #2 - The Incredible Shrinking Senshi!

Set*una had her fun with the shrunken A*i, U*agi, and M*koto…and that’s just on the first day. As we enter day two, R*i and Min*ko wondered where U*agi and M*koto were. Once they swallowed their served drinks, they’ll find out…and so much more. Also, Ha*uka and Mi*hiru arrive to see the serum’s work? And what about Ch*biusa and H*taru? Whatever happens, one thing is for certain: everything is about to change for the shrunken senshi, whether they like it or not! Contains F/ff, FFF/ff, FF/fffff, shrinking women, nudity, yuri (girl-on-girl action), And will contain sensitive material of golden shower, and farting on shrunken women with some scat. Cover Art: Madboy-Art Lines: Vini (Atreyu Studio) Colors: Frank (Atreyu Studio) Story: Mercurius

Circle:Mercurius Comixxx


Genre:Female Heroine Only,Magical Girl,Yuri/Girls Love,Golden Shower/Urination,Scatology

Release date:Feb/11/2017