* PREMISE * 2048: the year we made contact; the year that humankind faced its greatest threat! When galactic invaders bring the full force of their military, Earthlings fights back with everything we’ve got!!!!! Arise, mankind! #$%& THOSE ALIENS! * SIDE SCROLLING ACTION * Fire power is life! Explosions are the spirit! Classic 2D action platforming! Wield over 14 weapon types! Operate 6 kinds of vehicles! There’s nothing dainty about a fight for survival! BLAST the $%&#ers!!!!! * RELIABLE NPCs * Sometimes you’re going to get overwhelmed. When you do, trust in the power of others! NPCs want to see you succeed: they will give you bullets, they will provide wisdom, they are strength in numbers! The NPCs are relying on you, too. If you see someone being r*ped by the enemy, you gotta help out!!! What!?!? You wanna WATCH? There’s a gallery for that, too! 😉 * FULLY LOADED GALLERY * Revisit every r*pe scene! See the delicious animations! Help an NPC just once and they’ll be saved for future viewing. There are over 30 animation varieties to enjoy!!! This feature gets more helpful the higher difficulty you choose. * 3 DIFFICULTY LEVELS * Easy (which is easy) Hard (which is a little bit less easy) Inferno (which is crazy balls) Complete the game on INFERNO and the entire gallery is unlocked in one go! Lucky for you, young padowan! * NOTES * Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. Refer to the circle’s blog for guides, bug list, questions. Updates of JPver on 3/22 is minor fixs. Problem has appeared in only JPver . ENver2.4 is no problem.

Circle:Acid Style


Genre:SF,Gangbang,Robot Sex,Nameless Sex,Interspecies Sex,Ponytail

Release date:Jan/15/2015