Language selectable: English and Japanese Chaosrise is a danmaku (bullet-hell shoot ‘em up) videogame in which you take control of one of two female protagonists in their quest to unravel a mystery of unknown powers awakening uncontrollable lust among inhabitants of an extraordinary world in which the story takes place. Making their way through varying parts of their universe, spread throughout seven stages packed with action (and horny enemies), little by little they, too, succumb to the new conditions, blanking their minds – but filling their bodies with much more fun stuff… – 2 playable characters, each with their own unique firing pattern and magic power – 3 difficulty levels – 7 stages – 10 types of enemies with hundreds of unique behaviors and attack patterns – 11 epic bosses – 8 different stats to level – up and make your character stronger – Hi-score system – Available in English and Japanese – ‘Undressable’ character status bar, with the heroine losing her clothes as her HP depletes – 32 high-quality dict110ai CGs – Epic music by Machinae Supremacy

Circle:Multiworld Software

Categories:Game,Shooter / Danmaku, Shooting, Bullet hell, Digital Novel

Genre:SF,Fantasy,Hentai,Orgy Sex,Rape

Release date:Feb/03/2017