Damsel Quest 3!

The biggest AzureZero game! The 3rd game in the Damsel Quest series, a bondage fantasy rpg. Story Princess Ren sets out on a huge adventure to cure the horny foxgirl curse ailing her friend Emi with the help of Emi and Ren’s half sister Kiri. Along the way they get into all sorts of sexual escapades fighting slavers, monsters and a cabal of mages all intent on f*cking them silly. How will she and her team fare against sexual harassment? Will they cure Emi? or will they be tied up, stripped, and f*cked as sex slaves? Features Lots of erotic content both in battle and out Clothing damage – the girls can get stripped and captured in battle if they fall in combat the girls are captured and need to be rescued, complete with sex scenes. Bad ends occur in special situations such as losing to bosses. The trial version lets you play the first half of the game. – 4-5 hours of gameplay spanning across 3 different routes and 4 endings. – 59 base H cg – Several fun erotic minigames to enjoy. * Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP: https://dlsite.jp/RPGTKool_eng/ ******* version 1.1 Bug fixed, New events and the gallery added.


Categories:Game,RPG / Bondage Fantasy RPG


Release date:Aug/28/2017