DOGoddess Inseminating SEX!

* Jan 4th 2017 – Updated to Multi Language Version! Languages selectable: Japanese and English You can change the language on Config menu on the title screen. A short heartwarming bestiality SLG. Provide offerings to the doggy girl and earn her trust and loyalty. Different endings based on your actions and level of love. * APK included for Android devices Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility 18 base CGs (3 of which are Live2D animation) 5 endings Created with Unity Utage Includes features like: CG gallery / H scene replay Message window transparency Simple tap play for smartphones Up to 1280×720 resolution (On PC) Customizable protagonist name New Game+ (item carry over / unlockable costumes) and more Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates Scenario by Bsuke Graphics by A-ko ( )



Genre:Moe,Shrine Maiden,Romance,Romance,Romance,Consensual Sex,Animal Ears,Tail

Release date:Jun/23/2016