Future SUPPANUKI Police!

* Game Police of two women confronts a sex offender ! 3D Action game ! Riko Hey! Rookie! Do not do only my obstacle! Titose Sure! I look forward to working with you. Riko senpai! Operate Titose of the new face police, and defeat a sex offender ! Don’t have to worry because Riko senpai fights together ! -An action game to operate only with a mouse. -Defeat sex offenders by using fight skills and naughty skills. -By training at the dojo, obtain status up and new skills. -Punishment when it becomes the game over. -Change head, upper body, lower body, underwear, shoes, each. -In the gallery, can recollect event scenes, training scenes, punishment scenes. -You can display a subcamera free to do a 360 degrees viewpoint anytime. * Notes Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.



Genre:Clothes Changing,Police,Outdoor Exposure,Restraint,Ashamed,Spanking

Release date:Oct/12/2016