Demon Angel SAKURA vol.4 -The World of SAKURA-!

Language selectable: Japanese and English Kokage no Izumi presents… the final saga… Demon Angel SAKURA vol.4 -The World of SAKURA- ———————————————- Towards ver2.0.0.0 we have performed a big update! [The main changes from ver1.x.x.x] – The story has been completed. – Weak monsters on the snow level and 3 new bosses have been added. – When you clear the game at least once, time attack mode is unlocked. – When you continue after getting a game over during a boss fight… …the items that you used during battle are likewise replenished. ———————————————– * You can download complete data of bonus on the Circle’s website. Experience a wealth of stages and enemies in this grand finale to the popular franchise. Newcomers to the series can catch up with the Summary, so the end is also a great place to begin. Situations include: full body swallowing full body titf*cked by giant monmusu, urethral torment, anal vore, and more! Bosses and minions alike have sex scenes with dialogue. Plus there are shops and items to help you. Gameplay works with either a keyboard and mouse or a controller. * If you encounter display issues with characters (such as the shopowner, etc.) please install DirectX again with the included installer (dxwebsetup.exe). Controls ( more details: ) Movement Up arrow key: Jump (double jump by pressing again in mid-air) Left/right arrow keys: Move (adjust trajectory in mid-air) Down arrow key: Crouch (you can avoid attacks this way) If you move up against a wall in mid-air, you will grab on to that wall If you then press the opposite key, you will perform a wall jump X key or Space key: Open menu (access items, load data, etc.) When in bondage, you can press the left/right arrow keys to break free Attacks S key: Shot attack A key: Accumulates / stores up your Shot attack (press up to 5 times for max power) W key: Changes your support character Z key: Deploys an aqua shield (press again to put the shield away) Down arrow key twice: Performs a ground-pounding attack called Earth Snake

Circle:Kokage no Izumi


Genre:Otoko no ko,Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Vore,Anal,Big Breasts

Release date:Nov/23/2016