Girls and Dungeons!

* Ver. 1.3.3 The lewd yet cute denizens of the dungeon team up with the missing beautiful girls and explore a remote dungeon in the middle of nowhere. That is where they encounter mysterious drunk demons Yashumugi! A peculiar and unique adventure will perplex and bewilder you. Please do enjoy this both bizarre and erotic game! Features: 8+ hours of dungeon exploration and puzzles! 5+ erotic events. Straight forward RPG battles! Pretty much all based off RMXP code. Conditional Wipeout System: Depending on a certain secret condition, you can defeat the enemy in one fell blow! Try to figure out the condition 😉 Depending on your wise decisions, the story will change. Also with in game stuff like weapon upgrades, fishing, cooking and more!


Categories:Game,RPG / Erotic Fantasy RPG


Release date:Aug/03/2017