Afterschool Ogre Saga!

# Premise  Ordinary schoolgirl Yui faces sexual peril in a demon world in this side-scrolling indie action game.  # What is Afterschool Ogre Saga? In fact, our daily lives are linked to the periphery of the spirit realm. Yui Ouga is a gentle and laid back girl. She doesn’t like to stand out but due to the perfect balance of a cute face with large breasts! She has a following of secret admirers. But that’s not all… Yui hides within her an insatiable lust. She is a slut at heart that is yet to know it. When the wavelength of her resonating lust conforms with that of the demon world, she is sucked over to the other side. There lies a place, that is far too stimulating for any ordinary schoolgirl!! # Gameplay – 5 stages – each with a fearsome boss battle at the stage’s end. – Diverse graded ecchi action!! If Yui doesn’t escape fast, the special (SP) attacks by enemies grow even more vulgar. – The enemies will assail Yui in a variety of ways! # Other 100% Unlock Feature Included # Updates Version updates are planned for this product.  Recommend purchase with DLsite account for access to updates.  * CVs Aya Kuchitani Ai Murase

Circle:Etching Edge


Genre:Student,Sailor-style Uniform,Lesbian,Big Breasts

Release date:Feb/27/2017