Hamiyu No Mikosyugyo (English Subtitle)!

This is the English translated version of Hamiyu No Mikosyugyo(RE186048). * Simple 2D side scrolling action * Play as shrine maiden Hamiyu and banish the yokai spirits! * If a spirit gets her it an ero scene starts right there * Give up for even more humiliation… * 16 stages created with 4 different themes. 24 total H animations (of which 5 are full screen) 2 colors for 48 grand total H animations Smooth 60 FPS quality Includes softcore ryona (mild cruelty) (can be turned OFF) With interspecies sex, tentacles, irrumatio, fisting, vore, strangling, etc… * Basic actions: jump and attack * EASY, NORMAL and HARD modes to suit your challenge * Beginners can pick up and play * Pros can challenge their own skills with upgrades and medal collection Gamepad recommended (also playable with keyboard) Includes: aesthetic mode w/ zoom, speed, climax options * Full voice acting Hamiyu = CV: Hina Yuzuki (https://yudukihina.web.fc2.com/ ) Amane = CV: Aya Kuchitani (https://kimirinko.x.fc2.com/ ) * Other credits Character design by Tatsuro Yasui BGM by Rengoku Teien, Music-Note.jp, Yuufuruka Sound effects by Music is VFR, On-Jin Presented by MenacoWare https://menacoware.blog.fc2.com/ Send comments and questions to https://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=4b41a5752da68539



Genre:Loli,Shrine Maiden,Fantasy,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Nov/06/2016