Infinity UW Dungeon HADES VANQUISH!

Mana goes to Hell, but just before the gates, she gets back her vitality. Unwilling to accept this fate, she decides to reject Hell and returned to Earth. All she’s got is a flimsy dress and, for some reason, a handgun. Where did she get it? With no recollection and a bevy of concerns Mana jumps and shoots her way through caverns of darkness… strange catacombs filled with the Undead and not fire, but water. FoxEye presents… Infinity UW(Underwater) Dungeon HADES VANQUISH 30 stages of mysterious underwater dungeons. Your goal is to help Mana escape. Platforming action with a high risk of drowning! If Mana drowns or gets defeated she respawns at the starting point with all her equipment, so even in failure she grows stronger. Hell is far from the fire and brimstone of lore. Will she emerge from it?



Genre:Long Hair,Blonde Hair,Chubby/Plump

Release date:Jan/09/2015