Sexual Sacrifice 2 -Slave Trainee Bonus Version-!

A spinoff ADV that continues one of the endings of Sexual Sacrifice 2 -Tentacles and Lust Beast Island- (RE081901). The heroine falls into slavehood under a mysterious man. GAME Experience everything as the mysterious man. No map roaming or hunting this time. All erotic scenes. No storyline. This is a freestyle XXX bonus with no ending. No previous knowledge required! 2 ways to treat your slave: pleasure training and service training. Pleasure training focuses on bondage sex in so-called S&M play. Service training is where she treats you to a blowjob, breast sex, footjob and girl-on-top sex. She is your willing slave, as such there is no assault scenes. *Ver2.0 Anal Slave Training and Remains search by a mystery man were added. Sex scenes are with tentacles, lust demons, sexual spirit, bugs, in bondage, horse torture and guillotine devices, machine vibrator and much more! All scenes are highly pleasurable. * Includes pregnancy but no birth scenes * Includes some blowjob and breast sex Robust features including realtime 3D rendering with 360 degree free movement, mouse/keyboard/game controller camera angle controls, etc. AUTOMATIC sex scenes where you can sit back and enjoy hands-free. NO GAME OVER – And full access to all scenes, no saving or loading required. Compatible with both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. Requires high specs, please check the trial version to confirm. Updates are forthcoming, so purchase with a member account.



Genre:Clothed,Tight Binding,Blowjob,Sexual Training,Restraint,Anal

Release date:Nov/24/2012