That's Amazing, Marie! (Text: English/Voice: Japanese)!

ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) Nice to meet you, I’m Axel the Hero! Truth to be told… my crotch is in quite a pinch at the moment, due to the Curse of the Incubus. And to top it all off, there are perverted female warriors just about everywhere! I… might not be able to hold it in anymore! The female warriors are trying to allure the hero…! Marie, one of the female warriors, sees the hero’s pained (erect) figure and decides to tempt him with her body! Axel ends up losing his senses, and control of his own actions! He relentlessly disciplines her entiry body, and lets his holy light (semen) cover every inch of it! Control the hero using the mouse! Click on various parts of the female warriors to remove clothing or progress the cause of action in different ways! Marie has led an honest life, and puts up with the hero’s advancements as he pushes her down… …but will it become too much? Will she launch a counter attack!? Multiple endings! Touch scenes, animated erotic scenes, full female voices, full heroism to the max! Depending on the order you click things in the scenes will end in different way, the game is full of replayability! Will YOU be able to get all the endings!?



Genre:Comedy,Fantasy,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Blowjob

Release date:Jan/08/2008