Junk-fu Masters!!

updates 04/2015 Added Easy Mode 03/2015 Continue feature added. You can choose English by opening directly the en.exe Meet the Junk-fu Masters! The masters of junk food and f*cking… Order some greasy food and you might get sexual services! This is a little side scrolling beat’em up game made with pixel art. It has 3 levels (stages). Instructions To play the game open the file ‘en.exe’ Controls (keyboard): Left/Right Walk Up Jump Down Crouch R Attack E Open door/Items etc… SPACE Skip animations CTRL Mute the background music (not the sound effects) If the game screen is too small you can enlarge it by using browser zoom, pressing the CTRL (key) and PLUS (key) at same time (press CTRL and MINUS to reduce) lesbian, robot sex Original resolution 400×200 pixels (enlarged to 800×400 for a better view) html+flash


Categories:Game,Action / English/Japanese Side Scrolling / Beat Em Up

Genre:Breasts,Daughter,Underwear,Lesbian,Blowjob,Robot Sex

Release date:Jan/11/2015