Loli Hoi SP * Yaechan Remember!

[Version 1.05] ———————————————————————————————– * BLACK PANDA’s Latest Loli Hoi Simulation Game * [Seamless Pose Change System] Switch up in the middle of sex anytime and the anime adjusts Enjoy uninterrupted ecchi, with optional vaginal or external cumshot [Interactive Humping] Dynamically change the pace of thrusts with the piston button Be careful not to hurt Yaechan by doing her too hard [Ecchi Sensitivity and Favorability, Physical Status] Conversation, harassment, etc. will alter the parameters and the ecchi content [Clothes Change System] Customize Yaechan with different outfits that she wears in the scene [Ecchi Scene Background Editor] Change the backdrop to give scenes a variety of flavors [Sexual Harassment System] There’s more than vanilla intercourse; sekuhara animations include fellatio, irrumatio, breast fondling, ass grabbing, cunnilingus, finger in the ass, even birthing [Pregnancy Status] Put a baby in the mere babe of a lolita and f*ck her while she’s full blown pregnant. There is also implantation anime [Lottery Gacha System] Ecchi scenes and other contents of this game are awarded by random lottery Can you collect everything? (* No microtransactions) [Scene Count] 7 base positions (anime) (with plump belly) 7 other, sekuhara (anime) Bonus ero (some variants) * Other Notes * Created with RPG TKool MV. Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. The trial version has 3 base positions and 3 sekuhara animations. Details provided in an appended Readme file, please consult where possible. (Japanese) Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. Prior to the version 1.03 fix, if you experience issues: Please right-click the Game.exe file and choose Properties, and check the Run this program in compatibility mode box in the Compatibility tab and choose Windows Vista (Service Pack 2); then click Apply and OK. Then run the game.


Categories:Game,Simulation / Interactive Sex Simulator

Genre:Dot/Pixel,Anime,Loli,Pregnancy/Impregnation,Childbirth,Childlike Build

Release date:Mar/19/2016