Survivor Sarah 2 Chapter 1 -The Inhumane Farm-!

The game continues the story of Survivor Sarah after the heroine Sarah escaped the infected city. She will travel into the forest this time for her journey and a new heroine Anne will accompany her. Dangerous and challenges are waiting for them in this twisted world! The game is divided into the two part as Sarah and Anne will be separated sometimes in the game (You can find out in the demo) : On Sarah’s side, you will play as her and experience the daily life of being a ‘Farm Pet’ that she will be told to do different kinds of work in the farm. Who knows what will happen to Sarah when she is at the hand of some crazy people! On Anne’s side, she will have her own story and will slowly grow in the game and become a true survivor! How the story goes is depended on the hands of player! Content : Over 80 events Over 80 basic CG Over 450 CG Humiliation, exhibitionism, bestiality, shota, ryona, torture, piss, shit and cruelty will be included. There will be choices for Sarah and Anne throughout the game that will lead to different events, consequences and even endings! You can replay the events and endings in the CG room. You can also keep their level when restart a new game. It is welcome to contact me for bug fixing and feedback. My email : This product is made by RPG maker XP ENG. You need RGSS-RTP Standard installation for play.

Circle:Combin Ation


Genre:Shota,Humiliation,Golden Shower/Urination,Bestiality,Torture,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Jan/11/2016