NAKOKOI ! (English-translated version)!

An original animated novel by EGAKIYA Kiyoshi. With the combination of text and animation, you can better understand the emotions of the characters and the story more than with standard animation-only productions. ~Story~ The main character (Ken/Big Brother) is a student who is going abroad… which leads him to indulge in a forbidden incestuous relationship with his little sister (Nako). Story 2: Big brother is tempted by the unbelievable body of his apartment manager’s young wife, Aya. These 2 stories will light up what’s left of the summer! This production was created in Flash; image size is 720×460.

Circle:EGAKIYA Kiyoshi

Categories:Game,Digital Novel / 3D Original Flash Animation

Genre:Married Woman,Uniform,Sister,Violent Man (Submissive),Rape,Woman Rapes Man

Release date:Sep/14/2007