Update Apr 16 2014 Version 1_1 Old save files won’t work with this version —————- Product Intro: Play as Eerien, a rookie soldier in her first rescue mission in enemy territory! Fight your way through a massive alien ship, full of perverted aliens trying to keep you from uncovering the mystery behind the alien invasion! -Sprite sex animations with tentacles, plants, aliens, and more! -Action-Adventure & Shoot ‘em up gameplay modes! -Interactive events where you control the dict110ai animations! -A Science-Fiction themed storyline! This is also the author’s first entry on DLSite, please give them your support and let them know in the comments what you thought of the game, both positive and negative comments welcome! They plan to make more games if possible in the future, look forward to it!



Genre:Rape,Tentacle,Big Breasts

Release date:Mar/14/2014